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La Casa Azul Hoops
La Casa Azul Hoops
La Casa Azul Hoops

La Casa Azul Hoops


An homage to Frida Kahlo and her love for flowers. She often painted flowers as used it to symbolize fertility and death, old themes in the native Mexican tradition of meaningful flowers and fruits. She loved her infamous garden which she named La Casa Azul - the Blue House. Kahlo would spend her mornings picking flowers and putting them in her hair which became her iconic look.  

``I paint flowers so that they will not die” - Frida Kahlo``

Flowers carry symbolisms and memories. The intention behind these earrings goes beyond just the aesthetic of flowers. It is for them to be a vessel for the dear memories; for you to hold onto and carry around. The flowers may wither but the vessel and memories last.


- Made of brass tube

- 1.5” diameter for medium size (1st and 3rd pictures)

- 7/8" diameter for small size

- Sterling Silver ear posts and backings

- Ready to ship