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    Modern Heirloom

    Timeless designs that are meant to be kept forever; telling your stories, memories, emotions and much more.

    What Is Your Story?

    Melt In Your Skin

    Capturing the intimate moment of jewelry becoming part of you

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    Understated Elegance & Subtle Statement

    Individually produced with care and attention.

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    Sculptural Silhouette

    Sculptural Silhouette

    Each of the textured pieces create a compelling contrast between shape and form. Graceful movement and mobility - explores the delicate beauty of balance, form, and movement. 

    The Ethos

    The Ethos

    Craftsmanship and sustainability.

    Each piece is made-to-order, making jewelry by hand from start to finish. It truly is a labour of love. Your jewelry will be made for you and you only! ensuring the quality and care that we are proud of.

    This production method also allows us to minimize the pollution and carbon foot prints. We have partnered with One Tree Planted organazation to further our commitment of minimizing our environment impact. 

    The Language Of Thirteenth

    The Language Of Thirteenth

    Each piece is a sculpture that tell a story and evoke sentiment, designed to achieve understated elegance that transcend seasons and trends.

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