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New arrivals coming soon in 2023. Stay tuned! New arrivals coming soon in 2023. Stay tuned!


Meet The Artist

Thirteenth is a collection of fine and contemporary jewelry designed and produced by Yeonji Anj Kim (김연지).

Anj grew up with an abundant exposure to art and developed an appreciation for art at an early age. Anj's jewelry artist mother would go over the process and explain what each tool does to Anj when she was a child. She would watch her mother working on jewelry and they are some of her favorite childhood memories which later became a passion of her own. Following her passion, Anj earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing from Alberta University of Arts in 2012. Anj resides in Vancouver, BC where she makes jewelry out of her home studio near the beach. 


The name: Thirteenth

The philosophy of Kintsugi; the art of mending broken ceramic pieces with lacquer and gold. Thanks to the broken seams gilded with gold, the scars become elegant details and elevate itself into an art object. This philosophy resonated with Anj as she takes a similar approach to her craft. Her aesthetic embraces flaws and imperfections, hence the name Thirteenth (it's also Anj's birthdate.) The language of the collection lies in synthesis of sculptural silhouette, deliberately imperfect surface textures, and asymmetry; conveying the idea of being proud of our broken parts and embracing our scars. Anj hope her jewelry can be a reminder to for the wearer that we are whole and beautiful the way we are with or without our imperfections, march to the beat of your own drum, make your own luck, and embrace your oddity. 


Anj continues to experiment with material and form in her limited-edition series.The collection is mostly crafted in sterling silver, pink, and yellow gold. A selection of pieces feature brass, flowers, silk cordings, and horsehair in order to achieve her concept come to life. (see La Casa Azul)


Thirteenth jewelry values craftsmanship and sustainability. Each piece is made by hand in her studio, using recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones. Each steps are taken with care to ensure the quality of the piece and to minimize environmental impact. To further her commitment with being green and giving back, Thirteenth has partnered with One Tree Planted